The Order

The process of bespoke begins with a detailed consultation with a tailoring sales consultant. A cutter (often attended by their under cutter) will then be called on to take an order along with the sales consultant. The cutter will have at least 10 years and often in excess of 30 years of hand tailoring and hand cutting experience – only the best work in Bangkok.

The cutter takes measures from the body; taking into consideration all figures and frame types. An individual paper pattern is drafted and then cut by the cutter specifically for each customer.

There are no limits to the cloth that may be chosen, with the available selection only generally restricted by local merchants’ supply. As a great bespoke house, we offer over 20,000 fabrics to choose from. The cloth is then also cut by hand to the individual pattern

As with the cloth, there are no restrictions on style. With bespoke, the answer is invariably that it is possible rather than it is not!

The Creation

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